First flight of Su-27 aircraft serial sample took place on this day 40 years ago

The construction of fighter first sample in Т-10С variant, afterwards named as Т10-7 (or – Т10С-1, serial No.04-03), was finished at the Plant named after P. Sukhoi in the end of 1980.

April 20, 1981 test pilot S. Ilyushin put the aircraft to the air. The flight was successful. Т10-7 and Т10-12 aircraft were used to determine main flight and technical parameters, stability and control features of new-design-aircraft as well as evaluation of new power units with upper wheelcases.

For reference: JSC “558 ARP” have performed overhaul and upgrade of Su-27(UB) type since 2003. As for now our company have performed overhaul of more than 50 aircraft of Su-27/Su-30 aircraft. Under overhaul JSC “558 ARP” provide deep upgrade of Su-27/Su-30 aircraft to enhance their combat and operational parameters.

The aircraft upgrade allows to create multi-role aviation complex which is able to hit aerial and surface targets by various aviation weapon means. Upgraded avionic allows to implement РВВ-АЕ missiles of air-to-air type and various means (including corrected) of air-to-surface type: Х-31А missiles designated for naval targets engagement; Х-31П anti-radar missile; КАБ-500Л/КР и КАБ-1500Л/КР guided aerial bombs; Х-25МЛ and Х-29Л missiles with laser guidance as well Х-29Т missile with television homing head.