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UAC “Kondor-2”

UAC “Kondor-2”

UAC Kondor-2
UAС “Kondor-2 with “Вега-Р” equipment is intended for:
  • Detection of hostile air defense deployment patterns:
    • air defense system coordinates setting a field;
    • determination of ADMS technical characteristics (frequency and temporary parameters of radiated signals).
  • Real-time information transmission into command control center.
  • Amid combat conditions imitation of hostile air defense system rupture through the creation of combat aircrafts virtual deployment patterns.
Simulated types of air targets:
  • fighter (target effective reflective are 5 m2);
  • bomber (target effective reflective are 20 m2).
Quantity of parent targets – 2.

Sample of radio reconnaissance with a view to technical characteristics determination.

UAV Kondor-2
1. UAV “Kondor-2” take off and flight towards reconnaissance line (border) with activated equipment.
UAV Kondor-2
2. Duty radio-radar troops facilities detect air borders violator.
UAV Kondor-2
3. Air defense missile battalion activation for radiation, target search.
UAV Kondor-2
4. Radar-location station tracks the target with actual radar characteristics.
UAV Kondor-2
5. UAV “Kondor-2” determines and transmits air defense missile battalion characteristics and location afield to command control center.
UAV Kondor-2
6. Air defense deployment patterns location.

Sample of UAV “Kondor-2” operation in combat environments.
  • Under combat conditions UAV “Kondor-2” with “Вега-Р” equipment is capable of simulating several targets raid on a for deployment pattern, enforcing him to be engaged in an active operation, i.e. radiation entering.
  • Meanwhile a real group is able to stealthily enter the line of antiradar means release for oppression of hostile ADMS or slice through hostile defenses.
UAC Kondor-2


Unmanned aerial complexes of “Kondor” series.

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