“Satellite-M2” ECM equipment

"Satellite-M2" equipment (“Satellite-M2” ECM equipment) intended for ECM protection of the launching aircraft from precision radio guided weapons launched from enemy airborne interception suites (AISs) or air defense missile systems (ADMSs) in front and rear attack hemispheres. The principle of operation of the equipment is based on the jamming of angle and distance measurement channels of radio electronic means (REMs) of weapons control systems (WCS) of interceptors and ADMSs.

The "Satellite-M2" equipment provides for the imitative jamming of WCS REMs at all operation stages:

  • at the detection stage (overview mode) there are multiple maneuvering simulated target blips are generated by distance and angular coordinates that make it difficult to detect a true target.
  • in the tracking mode (lock-on mode) the equipment creates a hidden controlled distraction of the angular tracking systems of WCS REMs and shifts them to tracking a false target. All the while there is no sign of jamming on their indicators, and it is possible to launch the guided missile at a false target.

“Satellite-M2” ECM equipment advantages:

  • It is highly probable that the protected object will not be hit by a precision guided missile weapon (PGMW);
  • Radar security is provided: the enemy is not aware of the fact of jamming;
  • The combat capabilities of the attacking means are reduced (lethal envelope reduction, etc.);
  • The controlled and steady distraction of the tracking systems of the weapon control radars by angular coordinates, speed and range is provided;
  • The jamming is formed at all stages of the attacker's combat operation: overview, tracking, weapon directing;
  • The ECM equipment does not affect the operation of its own weapons control means, the full electromagnetic compatibility with the carrier radio systems is provided for;
  • The equipment does not occupy the suspension points, preserving the carrier firing capabilities, it may be installed on any aircraft;
  • Light weight, small dimensions and power consumption. Fully autonomous, the pilot is not distracted from his combat mission.

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