Special repair methods

Specialists of OJSC "558 ARZ" together with scientific organizations of the Republic of Belarus carry out research and experimental works on the development of special methods of repair (repair techniques) of parts, units and accessories of aviation materiel.

The following technological processes are implemented by the company:
  • pulsed laser cladding (used for the restoration of internal surfaces of cylinders made of 30ХГСА steel with local and continuous corrosion damage);
  • gas dynamic spraying (used for the restoration of aviation materiel made of steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys, with continuous and local corrosion damage, etc.);
  • laser cladding and welding (used for the restoration of secondary parts of aviation materiel with mechanical and corrosion damage, etc.);
  • metal polymerization (used for the restoration of landing surfaces of secondary parts of aviation materiel, for the elimination of the porosity of chrome coatings, etc.);
  • application of chrome coatings (chrome plating of parts from titanium alloys to improve their wear resistance and surface hardness);
  • application of hermetically sealed chrome coatings of large thickness (used for the restoration of parts such as shafts, cylinders with solid corrosive lesions up to 400 μm deep).

The company has implemented the system of multilevel virtual tests of recovered and modified units and components of aviation material based on hierarchical multilevel approach to modeling under conditions of uncertainty of input parameters.