40th Anniversary of MiG-29UB aircraft first flight

April 29, 1981 test pilot A. Fastovets performed the first flight at first sample of MiG-29UB aircraft.

In 1976 the Board of Ministers of USSR issued an order on design of training-combat version of MiG-29UB. The sampling started just in 2 years as all the efforts of the Design Bureau were directed to the main version of the aircraft – MiG-29.

The rare cockpit was placed due to the elimination of equipment. The radar was removed and replaced by imitating devices. ОЭПрНК-29УБ optical-electronic sighting navigation complex differed from the combat version implementing doubling the control means and partially indication. The positive feature of new training MiG aircraft was perfect circle observance from both cockpits. The aircraft obtained index 9-51.

The state tests of the two-seater started in 1981 and in 1983 the documents on putting the aircraft at armament were signed.