UAV and UAC certification

Aviation technical center for the maintenance and operation of unmanned aerial complexes (UAC ATC) of JSC "558 ARP” carries out the operation of unmanned aerial complexes, their certification, renders commercial services to the Customers within the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad in order to increase the safety level of flights of experimental aircraft (EA).

Basic objectives of the center:

  • expansion of the range of services rendered by the company through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • qualitative performance of the EA certification work in accordance with the field of accreditation;
  • improvement of the quality of services and safety of the EA flights;
  • training of aviation personnel in practical skills of UAC operation;
  • maintaining of skills of the UAC ATC aircraft personnel at a proper level in the course of EA operation.

Provision of commercial services for the delivery of information obtained with the help of UAC for the benefit of the customer:

  • detection and monitoring of emergency situations;
  • participation in search and rescue operations;
  • monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, power transmission lines, heat pipelines;
  • monitoring of forest areas and agricultural lands;
  • surveillance of roads and railways;
  • operational environmental monitoring;
  • digital cartography;
  • participation in protection of districts and facilities.